A Complete Set of Managed Cloud Services

24/7 IT Helpdesk Support

SystemBind's IT support plans all offer the smart, seamless service support your organization demands. Our flexible approach allows you to choose a monthly support package or a simple hourly rate approach. On call. On time. Reasonably priced.

Application Hosting, Support and Management

We can help eliminate the risk of any single node point of failure from bringing your systems down.  Simply put: We’re prepared, so you are, too.  Protect your systems and your business – your applications are in good hands.

Online Windows Virtual Desktop

Like a traditional PC desktop, SystemBind’s Windows Online Virtual Desktop is a must for businesses that demand a user-friendly, fully-supported corporate desktop. Connect to a Windows desktop easily from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Cloud-Based Email and Calendar Sharing

Your business relies on communication and timing. Email and shared calendar synchronization are key. The email and collabora-tion services delivered by SystemBind’s suite exceed your needs with industry-leading email and calendar functionality.

Virtual Server Hosting, Management and Support

Your core IT systems demand reliable, high-throughput computing. Count on SystemBind’s Managed Virtual Server Hosting and Sup-port for great service. All core services (Apache, MySQL and more) are monitored in real-time to avoid exceeding defined thresholds.

Hosted Voice-Over-IP Phone System

A hosted phone system delivers reliability, flexibil-ity and scalability. Our cloud-based package lets you run telecommunications for all your locations through one central system.

Remote Data Backup With 'Snapshots'

Critical data? An offsite data backup solution is imperative.  If your data is stored at a single location, a site disaster (i.e.: flood, fire, etc.) could result in complete loss of data. Such a loss could have catastrophic business results.  With SystemBind's remote data backup services with built-in 'snapshots' you get backup...  that's better than backup!

Find Out From Our Experts

FAQ #18: Why host my apps in the cloud?

'App Development' is one of the hottest topics in IT today.  Software development companies are constantly building and enhancing online services to meet the needs of today's fast-paced business world.  But as these apps grow someone needs to support and maintain them...  and a stock virtual server in the centre of cyber-oblivion won't quite cut it!

Listen as Jason lists the advantages of hosting apps in a managed cloud environment -- i.e. one backed by a full IT support team 24/7/365...


FAQ #7 - How's Your Customer Service?

At SystemBind customer service is our top priority.  Unlike many popular cloud services today all of our offerings are delivered with full telephone and email helpdesk support, 24/7/365.  If you have a question, give us a call anytime and well be there to assist!

Listen to our Director of Operations Jag Basrai as he gives the rundown on why SystemBind customer service is top-notch...